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Students can also save from their Pocket Money

Last week I went to meet my Investor at his home whose son is collage going guy aged 22 year. During some conversation with him he shares me his own story of POCKET MONEY. He spends Rs. 8000/- every month and after hearing this amount I got shocked. But Slowly he told me that he also want to save some amount from his pocket money. He shared his worry of higher expenses on Electronic, Gadgets, Mobile bills (Voice and data charges) and online shopping are on priority list.

Launching officially Financial Planning service by us

I have been started working with some paid clients during last few months, really it was awesome experience for me and also for my clients. The idea of financial planning actually i got during my conversation with one of my loyal client, though he invested good amount in stocks, mutual funds also take enough term insurance, health insurance but even he was directionless. There are also some discussion we had on traditional insurance policies, asset allocation and future goals. Finally we came on