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Rs 2500 becomes Rs 60 Lakh in 22 Years - Must Read

Motherson Sumi came out with IPO @ 25 INR per share in April-1993. Initial investment of only 2500 INR on 100 shares became ?????????
You may be read this wealth creation example in social media, but I want to share this analysis with all of you. 

Last month Motherson Sumi announces 1:2 Bonus on June 2015.
See the bonus history how wealth created in this stock ????
1997-98: Bonus 1:2 - 100 share became 150 shares
2000-01: Bonus 1:2 - 150 share became 225 shares
2002-03: Split Rs.10 in to Rs. 5 - 225 shares became 450 shares
2003-04: Split Rs. 5 in to Rs. 1 - 450 shares became 2250
2004-05: Bonus 1:2 - 2250 share became 3375 shares
2007-08: Bonus 1:2 - 3375 share became 5062 shares
2012-13: Bonus 1:2 - 5062 share became 7593 shares
2013-14: Bonus 1:2 - 7593 share became 11389 shares
So 100 share became 11389 shares. Current market value of 11389 is 59,67,836 INR (Around Rs. 60 lakh Only). 
11389*Rs. 524 (current stock price)= 5967836 INR (Dividend not calculated here)
So Total value of invested Rs. …
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